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Our customers are in our Business Network Advantage Program


Increase Sales and Profits

Are you ready...Integrated Phone and Carrier Services, one bill! make more money? You want to grow your business and make money. We get it! Taking a quote from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, “Making money is fun.” We can help you make money by increasing your market penetration, gaining new customers, encouraging repeat customers, and establishing a customer rewards program. We have teamed with to provide your business with successful programs for Customer Loyalty, Customer Rewards, and New Customer Acquisition. In addition, we use SquawkinIt to establish a very effective Affiliate Program.

Offering a product and service represents just one part in the sales cycle for any business. Getting market exposure, identifying customer leads, and closing deals poses a large challenge in our ever-changing market. The Business Advantage Network consists of a growing group of businesses that work together to help each other save money and create and recognize opportunities. 

Now there’s a better way

To help you retain and increase customers, we have established the Career Changers Advantage program in partnership with SquawkinIt™ – Gateway to Customers™. Career Changers Advantage gives your business access to thousands of businesses and consumers local to your business. We increase your brand recognition, market penetration, customer loyalty, and most importantly, sales and profits at no additional cost to you. Through an innovative combination of affinity and affiliate programs and advanced mobile marketing technologies, SquawkinIt™ provides Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs for over 125,000 businesses and two million consumers (called the SquawkinIt™ Business Network). When you do business with Career Changers USA, you become part of our community – our family – which gives you access to the SquawkinIt Business Network™.

It costs you nothing

Our members are automatically enrolled in the Business Network Advantage Program at no charge. Within minutes, your business is exposed to thousands of businesses through the SquawkinIt internet-based and mobile marketing venues. Don’t waste time! Get started today!


How we Help

We can provide:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Affiliate Program
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Internet-based and Mobile Marketing
  • Instant Channel Distribution
  • Increased Brand Awareness

Sales and Profits News

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