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High School Programs

On the path to greatness...

Your son or daughter is now standing at the precipice of every imaginable success.  A few more years and the world will open before them.  All it will take is the hard work and dedication that they have already demonstrated.

The programs in this section will give your high school student the added advantages they need in this competitive world.

Becoming a STEM Superstar

SCIENCE CLASSES IN HIGH SCHOOL - Encourage your high school student to take as many science and mathematics classes in high school as possible. Colleges want students who have more than the required three science credits on their transcript. To be prepared for college-level mathematic courses, students must successfully master Algebra II course content. Students must enroll in a non-trivial mathematics course during their senior year.  Work with your child’s teachers and guidance office to see what math and science courses are available.

EXTRACURRICULAR STEM PROJECTS AND COMPETITIONS - Participation in extracurricular STEM projects and competitions can provide your child with that “something extra” that helps an application or resume stand apart from the rest. Many colleges and employers look for participation in competitions. Several options:

First Robotics: This program has a strong local presence and is supported by SAIC:  

Maryland Math League: Students vie for points awarded for the completion of extremely challenging mathematics problems.

Science competitions:  

Other featured opportunities include:

The Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) - This program promotes original research and experimentation in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics at the high school level and publicly recognizes students for outstanding achievement. By connecting talented students, their teachers, and research professionals at affiliated symposia and by rewarding research excellence, JSHS aims to widen the pool of trained talent prepared to conduct research and development vital to our nation.

For more information, visit the JSHS home page at,

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) – This  is the world championship mathematics competition for high school students and is held annually in a different country. The first IMO was held in 1959 in Romania, with 7 countries participating. It has gradually expanded to over 100 countries from 5 continents. The IMO Advisory Board ensures that the competition takes place each year and that each host country observes the regulations and traditions of the IMO

For more information visit

Stay tuned to this section in the coming year as we add more content designed specifically for your student.

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